we’re changing tank cleaning forever


No personnel enter the tank during the cleaning process reducing exposure hours by 90% overall


Nearly 100% hydrocarbon recovery from the de-sludging process and reduction of over 90% of waste disposed


Reduce project time of up to 80% compared to traditional methods.


Emissions reduced 85%+


Waste reduced 97%


Health Risk reduced 91%

path reduces impact across all categories by an average of 90%

our technology

path offers a proprietary suite of fully mobile nozzles, circulation systems, and tank life cycle services for high performance cleaning. 

Storage Tank Cleaning

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Tank Life Cycle Services

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how path can help

Check out our Project Selector tool to see all the ways that path can help you accomplish your goals

how path can help

Check out our Project Selector tool to see all the ways that path can help you accomplish your goals

Ara Partners Announces Majority Investment in Path Environmental Technology

HOUSTON, Aug. 25, 2020 -- Ara Partners, a private equity firm specializing in decarbonization investments, today announced a majority investment in Path Environmental Technology, LLC ("Path"), an industrial services provider headquartered in Houston, Texas. Financial...

Sweat Energy Services Announces Name Change to Path Environmental Technology

HOUSTON, April 1, 2020 – Sweat Energy Services, a world’s leader in unmanned tank cleaning services, has completed an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal to its corporate vision. Central to this effort is the renaming of...

Path Sees Record Year for Revenue in 2019

HOUSTON, March 1, 2020 – Path Environmental Technology today announced a record year along with key accomplishments for 2019 after more than five years in business. In 2019, Path had a record year as it grew almost 293% from the previous year as many customers saw the...
why choose path?
  • More Effective than Conventional Methods: Our system offers simultaneous de-sludging, tank cleaning, solids separation, and hydrocarbon recovery while reducing the volume of costly cutter stock required.

  • Saves Time: We reduce tank cleaning time by up to 80%, and shorten the overall downtime of the tank. We can also de-sludge tanks online with the ability to seamlessly return to service.

  • Focus on the Environment: Our paramount focus on environmental impact lead us to a smarter approach in tank cleaning. Advanced tech and industry leading expertise allows us to recover near 100% of hydrocarbons, minimize waste disposal, minimize emissions to the atmosphere, and run a cleaner job site with lower spill risk.

  • Better Cleaning: Our proprietary nozzles reach floor, wall, and roof. We recirculate cleaning media with reduced cutter stock consumption and our hot oil and hot water washes are more effective in removing heavy oils and residue.

  • Safer Work Environment: During the cleaning process, there is no manned entry. Our system creates a closed, inert tank atmosphere, eliminating explosion hazards. Our system utilizes automatic shutdown features in conjunction with highly trained operators continuously monitoring the process.

  • Lower Costs: Significantly reduce the overall cost of cleaning process and recover large portions of sludge as viable hydrocarbon instead of paying to dispose in landfills.

how long is a typical path project
  • In general, the higher the sludge level in the tank, the larger the advantage for owners and operators using our technology
  • The duration of our projects can vary, but our fully automated technology significantly reduces pre-ventilation (degassing), mobilization, and actual cleaning times.
  • Door sheets and other modifications are unnecessary to remove solids. This saves on cleaning preparation time, eliminates the need to weld a plate back in place, and can even eliminate requirements to hydro-test tank when returning to service
  • There is no need to issue confined space permits every shift during cleaning.
how does path maintain such high hs&e standards?
  • Inert Atmosphere Continuous monitoring and automatic shutdown mechanisms are built into our technology
  • Training Our operators are thoroughly trained and have mandatory re-certifications at regular intervals
  • Electrical Safety our technology is designed and constructed to operate in explosive areas and meets the highest international standards including CSA/UL
  • No Man Entry Eliminates the need for personnel to enter the tank during cleaning, eliminating exposure to hazardous substances
  • Recovery Our technology allows for nearly 100% of hydrocarbon recovery from sludge. The inherent design of the system effectively limits the need for excess cutter stick and cleaning chemicals while massively reducing hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere.
is cold tapping safe & what impact does it have on tank roof construction?
  • Cutting holes in tank roof can pose great concern for tank owners and operators. However, using our cold tapping method, holes are cut in a safe and proven manner. The following hazards are eliminated by design and practice:
  • Explosion

    • Before the nozzle is fixed to the roof, an inert tank atmosphere below 8% oxygen is produced as an extra precaution to eliminate the dangers of cutting in an explosive atmosphere.
    • All equipment is bonded and grounded throughout the tapping process.
    • There is only very marginal frictional heat build-up from mounting and operating the cold tapping tool, as cutting oil is added to cool the equipment and prevent dangerous heat build-ups.
  • Loss of Containment

    • The nozzles are affixed to the roof and pressure tested prior to starting tapping process.
    • A powerful magnet placed on the bottom of the cutting head ensures that the cut-out roof plate does not fall in the tank. It is instead removed along with the cutting instrument, thereby eliminating the risk of sparks.

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