Nitrogen Systems

A mobile, state of the art, nitrogen
generation unit capable of delivering
up to 99% nitrogen purity

Prevent potential issues with explosive range gas mixtures, flash points, reactive compounds, oxidizers, and static accumulating activities Path will process tanks with an inert, oxygen deficient atmosphere. To achieve these conditions, we utilize onsite nitrogen generation technology.

Typical delivery methods of nitrogen are often limited to liquid tankers or consumption of facility nitrogen. Liquid tankers are expensive, high-pressure, limited volume, and potentially unreliable causing interruption to the tank cleaning process. Facility nitrogen is susceptible to outages and typically is in short supply in tank farm areas.

A membrane technology nitrogen generator is a simple and robust system that generates an endless supply of nitrogen by separating it from normal air. An instrument-quality, or oil-free, air compressor is used to provide input to the system. The air is filtered and dried in multiple stages before entering the generator. The generator separates the other constituents of air (predominately oxygen) and they are exhausted to atmosphere while the nitrogen is routed to the process.

Path will utilize a 750CFM model generator for this project and sustain 8% or less oxygen in the tank until athos® HD processing is complete, and the tank must be made safe for entry. The unit is capable of producing nitrogen up to 99.9% purity. Oxygen deficiency will eliminate potential for explosion and prevent any issues with oxidizers such as iron sulfides (FeS). The nitrogen also acts as a vapor blanket, suppressing hydrocarbon vapors and preventing their expulsion from the tank.


Path’s nitrogen system can save you time and money.